Where Does Cobra Flight Take Place?

I hadn’t realized when I wrote Cobra Flight how alien and unknown the Eastern Arctic, (better known as Nunavut these days,) is to many people. Judging by some of the questions I have received, the scene of action could as well be somewhere in the arctic regions of Mars as Canada.

In retrospect I should have included a map, and future additions to the series will contain maps. And I promise that if I update the first edition of Cobra Flight I’ll get a map into it as well.

In the meantime, here is where most of the action takes place, well up far in the most north easterly corner of Canada’s Arctic. The line roughly shows the various flight routes and communities.

Map of the Eastern Arctic
The far north easterly corner of Canada’s Arctic now known more properly as Nunavut but commonly still called the Eastern Arctic. The red line follows some of the main action of the book

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