I Am Not Alone — Damned Typos

Ever since I talked here about my ongoing fight against typographic errors in Cobra Flight I’ve been pointed to numerous examples of similar things happening to major writers at major publishers.
Case in point is Francis Pryor, a preeminent archaeologist and prolific writer talking about his latest book “Paths to the Past: Encounters with Britain’s Hidden Landscapes” published by Penguin.
Here is what he had to say on his blog today . . .
“There’s always a great feeling when you open the padded envelope from your publisher and you hold your new book in your hands for the first time. Then you part the covers and invariably it falls open at a random page, and there, mid-way through paragraph two, you’ve written ‘it’s’ for ‘its’, or spelled arpeggio with one ‘g’. It’s at that stage that you spot the colour plate where captions have been reversed, or worse, duplicated: so that a fine Georgian terrace in Bath is described as ‘A limestone cliff in the Vale of Pewsey’. The inevitable result is depression ( . . .)”
So, I am not alone.

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