Ripped From My Word Processor

Those of you who have read Cobra Flight (thank you for doing so) and those of you who will read Shark Flight (in production) will easily recognize plot elements in this recent news story from CNN

It really is uncanny that the moment I am writing about this very thing, the cold bouillabaisse of foreign submarines in the High Arctic it should pop up in the mainstream media.

Thank the gods of the multiverse I haven’t been writing about thermonuclear war.

Anyway, here is the latest cover for Shark Flight, minus the typo in the title I wrote about yesterday.

Cover Reveal — The Sequel to Cobra Flight

I am well into the writing of the sequel to Cobra Flight. Today I received the mock-up for its cover.

The title is provisional but apart from that, this is what the cover will look like. (note the glaring typo in the title. Either it is a form of copy protection for the artist until I pay him or more likely it is that horrible little demon that follows me around on these projects, the dreaded Typographic Monster From Hell.)

Shark Flight - Draft Cover
The sequel to Cobra Flight will have a cover similar to this, without the typo in the title

And of course there will be paperback and audio versions as well.