The Scourge of Typographic Errors

As I continue to record the audiobook of Cobra Flight I am getting very frustrated with the number of typos, spelling, and other errors that I come across.

This is deeply surprising and distressing for me because although I am a trained editor in my own right I hired an outside pro Copy Editor. I also ran the manuscript past TWO! proofreaders and every bit of grammar and spelling software I could find on the planet.

It is beyond understanding how these errors could remain in the text. It is as though the pesky little devils breed on their own.

Of course I will be republishing a corrected edition, possibly within a week or so.

In the meantime I do apologize to everyone who has bought the book and to those who will buy it before the next edition is out.


The AudioBook is in Production

I’ve started recording Cobra Flight with a top flight sound engineer who is doing a marvellous job of making me sound good.

I’d like to say that it should be ready to send to Audible, and other audio book producers at the end of February but scheduling might make us miss the target. In any case, it will take Audible about 10 working days to verify the recording and set up the sales page. So, perhaps a March release?

In the meantime I need to have my cover artist make the audio book cover, which for some reason needs to look like a CD cover (remember CD’s).

One Buy Link to Rule Them All

If you have trouble finding “Cobra Flight – An Arctic Thriller” in your favourite online store, or you would rather buy in a country closer to home than the United States, then use this link. It will let you choose the store of your choice and take you right to the book.

If you have a preferred store not listed when you click the link, just let me know and I’ll add it.

Note: Amazon supposedly knows which country specific store it should direct you to but will often fail. Just go directly to your own Amazon website and search on Cobra Flight Rick Grant and it will be there.