The Launch Has Started

Cobra Flight is being published as I speak.

It is already for sale at Amazon, Apple’s iTunes, and Kobo with most of the other on-line book sellers soon to follow.

It takes a while for the catalogue data on books to filter through the various systems so sometimes the book site’s search doesn’t show it. You can try searching on Rick Grant, or Cobra Flight Rick Grant.

I will post direct links here to all the sales sites when the process is complete.

Cobra Flight – A High Arctic Thriller

Cobra Flight is nearing publication. It is in the final stages of formatting and editing.

If you were ever a fan of action adventure thrillers you might quite like it.

This the back cover blurb or synopsis

The High Arctic. Late-Winter

Jack Standish, former fighter pilot and now just a freelance bush pilot on the ragged edges of aviation, flies a strange team of scientists to a remote island near Greenland.

Discovering that an old pilot friend is a hostage, under threat of death to fly an obsolete but still lethal supersonic fighter, Standish rescues Phillip and tries to escape across the Arctic Ocean in a wild flight for freedom.

It all goes wrong. The two end up at the center of an elaborate plot that threatens thermonuclear war.

Ripping at supersonic speeds over the High Arctic, Jack and Phillip fight to outwit the ruthless woman at the heart of the threat.